Impact Kids' Camp is all about reaching, teaching and encouraging the next generation. Our goal is that each student who attends Impact Camp is changed for the rest of their lives. Camp is a great time for students (entering 4th-6th grade) to make decisions, build relationships and encounter God at levels that seemed to be hard to attain in every day life. We never want camp to be about a high! Our hope is that students return home changed and that camp works as a springboard in engaging them in a day to day relationship with Jesus Christ.




April 1 - May 31

$265 - full
$0 - deposit


June 1 - June 23

$280 - full
$0 - deposit


June 24 - June 30

$305 - full
Must pay in full

Click below to register for camp at our SEQUIM LOCATION.

The following churches are attending camp at our Sequim Location: Northwest Church, Gig Harbor Foursquare, Gathering Place & Lifespring.

Click below to register for our RAVENSDALE LOCATION.

All other churches.

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This year's theme is


More and more we hear a message of tollerance being preached by the world. However, the worlds message of tolerance and the churches are quite different. The world says, “let everyone do whatever they want and don’t stand for anything”. The churches message of tolerance should be one that by grace we lead people to a relationship with Jesus. This is the core of theme this year.

LEAD stands for:

Love: We have to love people where they are, but love them enough to tell them there is freedom in Jesus.

Educate: The only way our kids can lead others to a realationship with Christ is to know who He is, what He has done for them and how to begin a realtionship wiht Him.

Apply: The last thing the world needs is christians telling them how to live and not showing them with their own life. We have to apply the called of jesus to our lives.

Declare: In all of this we have to be willing to open our mouths and declare that Jesus is Lord and desires to be in relationship with all of His creation.

“Go into the world. Go everywhere and announce the Message of God’s good news to one and all.”
— Mark 16:15



Check out these videos from previous years and get excited for impact camp 2017!